this is a keyboard, not a pillow (Samhain)

So today, in English class, some kid showed up completely stoned and gave the substitute teacher a loosely-sealed bag of hot sauce as a present. If she hadn’t been pissed off due to not having a single clue as to how the classroom’s technology worked, she probably would have confusingly accepted it and thrown the mess away when the student wasn’t looking, but she was too angry to accept his present and turned her back to him. This got the overly drunk student upset, as expected, and he threw the bag at her, the sauce matching the exact cherry color of her Christmas sweater as it spilled all over.

But other than that, this morning went as usual. Chemistry class actually felt interesting for the first time in a long while, although I don’t know if that’s because I was moved more towards the front of the class or because I didn’t have anybody distracting me with an open Tumblr page for once. And, of course, Web Design was a craphole… You’d think that, judging from my schedule, I wouldn’t have a history class this trimester.

I sneaked a peek at the file from this weekend this morning since it was just sitting on the kitchen counter. Maybe I shouldn’t have. Looking at it before my mother does isn’t going to change any of its contents, anyways.


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