a spewing of emotion (Samhain)

So I’m currently in the last fifteen minutes of web design class… it isn’t nearly as packed as I thought it would be. My entire row of computers is empty, letting Argentina sit next to me without being tossed to another far corner of the classroom. Judging from the HTML validator on the desktop, I would have thought that we would have started out nice and easy and that it would have been good for my GPA. I was right, of course, but this teacher- the only thing that could possibly describe her is a tyrant. You’d think that in a class about technology, she’d let you use it on the downtime, but no- even merely looking at the screen for a passing second can get you an automatic detention! How are we supposed to test the flimsy and crappy pages we’ll be making in here if we can’t view them on our phones? I mean, the district has locked down all of its computers so that we can’t be installing any software, so it’s not like we can just pop over to the plugin store and have an emulator ready to go in five minutes.

But anyways, Argentina looks good today since she actually curled her hair for once and fixed her chipping nail polish. She looks like one of those girls you’d find all over those aesthetic pages on Tumblr with the perfect (since “on fleek” doesn’t sound very educated) eyebrows and lips and mascara that isn’t smudged unlike the vast majority of the other girls here. Sometimes I wonder why she’s so blatantly attracted to me… but at least she doesn’t make a gigantic show of public displays of affection every time that we have to leave a class we shared together to go off to different sides of the building. HP Chemistry was never my thing, anyway.


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