escaped from the wolves for another day (Samhain)

It was good to finally be back in Wychester, snuggled up in the floofed flannel sheets of Argentina’s bed while she took care of some parent issues upstairs. The past few days were a blur of being completely disconnected from the outer world while having to endure with doctors galore- questions, physical tests, and even one time when I had to be knocked out so that they could get a tissue sample from somewhere that I wouldn’t have let them otherwise. Argentina hadn’t done that much anyways while I was gone, anyways, other than being able to look at a jumbled copy of her school schedule early.

“Welcome back, Samhain.” Argentina scooted up next to me on the bed, dressed in a violet nightgown that probably should have done a better job of covering her skin. Maybe her parents didn’t count shoulders as risqué, but other places… maybe make the dress a tad longer? Maybe? At least so that it’s harder to see someone’s underwear?
“Is the part where I call you my love and get all close and cuddly with you?” She’d already moved to climb into bed right next to me, and I had to remind myself again that this was probably normal behavior by her house standards. Surely Mom, even with her supreme ability to be monitoring me in as many places as possible, couldn’t permeate this house, and it’d be even harder during a sleepover.
“Yes, love.” Dang it, she beat me to it… One of her hands was cradling my jawline at that moment, and she looked like she was going to lean in at any moment and kiss me. Except, you know, she didn’t, just laid there with her eyes closed and those slightly red lips of hers slightly parted like she was about to go through a rapture. “Tell me, were you treated alright during your weekend?”
“Yeah…” Dang it, when’s the appropriate time to tell her? “You know, all normal at first, and then they got weirdly obsessive more towards the end. They almost didn’t want to release me back to Mom early this morning, but they were too afraid of the law. I’m supposed to go back in this upcoming weekend.” I slipped a hand around her waist, and she shivered for a moment, melting into my touch finally. “I’m alright. I promise.” Please forgive me, Mother. I did a bad again.
“Alright. As long as you’re fine and getting the treatment you need.”


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