winter’s weaving loom (Argentina)

Winter’s both my friend and my worst enemy. Every single year, this would be the season I’d get sick in the most, and the mass amount of seasonal cookies wouldn’t help my waistline at all. But Wychester almost seemed magical after the sun went down and the Christmas lights went up, especially as a small child pressed up against my van’s windows in the back wearing the Santa glasses that made a Santa light pattern on every single bead of light up and down the street. Christmas would be one of the only times that the family would actually get along with each other, and it was easy to plan out future ink when you could just pull on a long-sleeved shirt after the fact and not cook half to death during the day. And during the days when there was no wind, one could almost just go outside and step into a world where time had frozen along with everything else.

“So how are you, Samhain? Not completely swamped with medical issues right now?” I’d stripped my special mahogany dress off, changing into my baggy pajamas and flopping onto my bed an hour ago. I should have saved that dress for a better day, I know… preferably one where there’d be actual people to appreciate it. By the time it came back from the wash, the trimester would be over, and I’d have to wait a few more weeks until I could show off again.
“No, Argentina, I’m okay…” Samhain sighed on the other end. Shoot, Argentina, you shouldn’t have asked her that… good job, you messed up yet again. “I finished some more homework. Maybe I’ll be on top of everything for once by Monday.”
“Maybe… Say, Sammie, you wouldn’t happen to have some more of that nail polish that I borrowed last time, would you? I’m chipping again.”
“Mom took it back. I’ll see if I can snag it again, though.” A few minutes passed in which nothing would said, but nobody was complaining with us just listening to each other breathe. “How bad’s the chip?”
“Half a nail this time. Pretty significant.” But not really. What’s a chipped nail to a national catastrophe, anyways? “Oh, and on the math test review, the last answer’s 128. Dang teacher forgot to teach us how to do the polynomials with the graphs that make two right angles that never touch. Kinda makes me wonder how completely screwed we are in time for finals week.”


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