ON A SIDE NOTE: A rebuttal to an attempt at slander.

(If you’re curious, the original post was at https://adrienfangrl.wordpress.com/2015/11/29/im/. A friend of a friend sent me this, claiming that it was about me. No word over whether it’ll stay up after I write this post.)

I see your walls crumbling down every day!
How can you say that I don’t see?
How can you say that I don’t know why you’re falling,
When every attempt to confess what weights your heart down is hidden
Behind a cloudy veil of interests in cheap products of the internet age
That make me want to scream in frustration?
There are people in this world who care-
Or should care, anyways-
About you, like your parents and friends who have shown themselves to care far more than I have the energy to!

Stop forcing me to be your savior.
A bond is best made when it is not forced,
But instead laid to be made over time.
Stop putting words into my mouth.
I never said that you were self-pitying,
Although it feels like it’s certainly nearing that stage
When you feel the need to incessantly spam me with shoddily-made copypasta about how bad you feel about yourself
Instead of using the mouth and the words that you were given to speak for yourself.
I know that you’re bad at language,
But an attempt at being original and honest that ends in failure
Is better than no attempt at all.

I’m not your savior,
Your magic bandaid,
Or your rainbow,
And it’d be best if you stopped chasing me.
I find it hard to care about people I haven’t seen in person for half a year!
But there unfortunately is no way to harmlessly disappear from someone’s life in the blink of an eye,
And I am instead stuck doing this fragile dance with someone who uses me as a crutch
Without a former invitation.

I’m in love with someone else.
My heart just barely beats for one,
And I’d die if I let it beat for two,
Especially someone I have no interest being with.
Please don’t guilt me for choosing to only be with someone
That I can be happy with 100% of the time.


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