what’s in a name?

in a secluded farm, two paths converge for one sacred moment
just a few seemingly mundane minutes, anyways
but it is here that our focus will change
and our direction will shift

“You know, May, maybe I should have gone to sleep earlier instead of doing my math homework.”
“Maybe you should… Hayle? Is that your name?”
“Yeah, but it’s more of a Hay-el than a Hay-lee. You’d think that my parents could have named me something more common so that people wouldn’t keep spelling it wrong, but nooo, random mash of letters it is.”
“Well, at least you weren’t named after a holiday that isn’t even celebrated much here.” An almost-complete lack of light from closing the one door into the earthy-scented side room and turning off the lights didn’t do much to disguise from my mind that this room still felt completely foreign to me. The ghostly outlines of the soft blue nightlights along the floor every few feet didn’t cast any light onto the covers of the shared bed with me and Hayle, though.
“Hey, May, do you know if the heater is working? Because almost becoming a human burrito isn’t helping dispel the cold from these poor joints.”
“It’s working intermittently, because all the times that you steal all the sheets to be some cheap wrap disguising itself as a burrito, it breaks to make me the side popsicle.”
“Aren’t there more quilts somewhere in this room?”
“I’m not risking accidentally touching some mounted dead animal on the wall to go find one.” Curling up in a ball didn’t help with heat that much, although it was better than laying down flat and attempting to run my hands all over my body in order to try to familiarize myself with what was supposed to be reality now… you know, without making Hayle think that I was trying to arouse myself. “I swear, they’re everywhere here.”
“Yeah…” Her thoughts traveled off, and she shifted, allowing me my fair share of the bedsheets. “I was outside earlier, and there was this van that was driving through for some reason- almost nobody comes this way- and they took this hard right into the field, which was thankfully long empty, and they were… were just driving straight into the field, and then the van took a sharp left and got onto the road again and then disappeared.”
“Not very much happens here. Sorry that your first day back in reality was kind of misleading. Family rarely meets up in numbers that great. It’s just me and you and mis padres de mi amigo, compadre.”
“Compadre means godfather, not companion, Hayle, and I thought you were my cousin.”
“Nah. I just call myself some distant cousin to fit in with the rest of the family. Vagabond that’s fortunately been taken in is more like it.”


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