overreacting much?

“You know, Maxine, when you called me down here, I wasn’t expecting you and Emma to have actually made a room here together. I thought that this place was supposed to be temporary.”
“Yeah, well, the person who used to live here moved out quite a few months ago…” I hadn’t been in this room before, and at first glance, I could see why Emma and Maxine would have wanted it all to themselves- a fifteen-foot high ceiling, a king-size bed, a large window that they could easily open and hop out of whenever they felt the urge to be flying in the huge open sky that no longer held the threat of death by whatever Allaketo held for them… “And it’s not like they’re going to be coming back anytime soon. She left no return address, no form of communication behind, and judging from how she treated me as a child, she’s probably majorly pissed off that I managed to make something of myself.”
“Okay…” My feet were lightly tapping on the hardwood floor, making soft noises that I could see annoyed Emma. “But why am I in here?”
“I’m going to be real blunt with you, May.” Emma rested her arms on the table, leaning forward towards where I sat across from her on the thin desk table. “You see, these last few months have been-”
“Inside my own head,” I interrupted flippantly. “I know. Your friend Algeria told me. What next, you’re going to say that I can just get home by clicking my heels together? Has this become some twisted version of The Wizard of Oz?”
At the mention of Algeria, Emma’s eyes flared, igniting probably with past memories being dredged up from where they’d been repressed. “And where she did some from?”
I shrugged, my oversize sweater that I was wearing that say threatening to slip off my shoulder. “She’s like that stupid Cotton-eyed Joe meme- I don’t know where she came from, and I don’t know where she went.”
“Okay…” Both Maxine and Emma put their hands together, looking like they were deep in thought suddenly. “But here’s the thing- Comstance and Yasmin’s funerals are tomorrow, and we know for a fact that you’re going to wake up the day after tomorrow-”
“And how do you know that?”
“For god’s sake, May, just let me explain!” Maxine took a deep breath and then continued, her brow furrowed with frustration and her fists clenching and unclenching. “Me and Emma- Emma and I?- anyways, we’re like your brain personified. I’m the left one, the one that does all the logic crap, and Emma’s the emotional one.”
“So that’s why Emma’s always the one doing stupid things-”
Emma lunged for me then, all fiery eyes and shortened fingernails, but Maxine restrained her before she could reach over the desk. “Let’s talk about me doing stupid things after we’re done discussing how absolutely passive you are.”
“Passive?! You did absolutely nothing to fight back against Allaketo torturing you!”
“Because I knew that he’d have me killed immediately if I hurt him at all!”
Umm, May,” Maxine whispered to me, pulling Emma towards the small closet at the other end of the room, “this might be a good time for you to go away, okay?”


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