nope, no wings for you!

But if that Algeria girl was right and all of this has been happening in my head, shouldn’t I be able to escape from it?

I stretched my arms to the ceiling, hands open and several feet away from being able to touch the ceiling. I was laying down on the bed in the tiny guest room that Yasmin had assigned to me, grudgingly making sure that Constance was on the other side of the hallway. It made no sense, to be honest- if we were together, walking past a few more doors wouldn’t have stopped us from doing anything- and I quite liked the room that I’d been placed in, all different shades of lilac and primrose and painted with a galaxy ceiling. But the fact that the ceiling looked like I could just walk right up the wall and then be in outer space didn’t contribute at all to my attempt to get out from whatever… delusion? dream? I was trapped in, instead making me look like a complete idiot reaching for the ceiling like a toddler waiting for their mother to pick them up and get them out of their playpen.

And if I’m really in control of it, can’t I just grow wings and fly away? And can’t I make it guaranteed that Maxine and Emma can defeat Allaketo- can kill him without even touching him, even?

I pulled myself up to a sitting position, then attempted to stand on the bed that took up half of the room, but fell down when Calum entered the room and snickered at what must have looked like me getting ready to be a little kid and jump on the bed. “What, are you six? Or are you one of those otherlings who doesn’t know how to stand on two legs and keeps falling over?”

“Shut up, Calum.” Sitting normally with my hands in my lap, memories of self-control classes kept trying to bring themselves to my attention, reminding me of regulating my breathing and all the other crap that I felt wasn’t relevant at the time of the actual classes. “Don’t you have a boyfriend you could be harassing?”

He brushed a lock of hair out of his eyes, gesturing to a few doors down. “Actually, I already did ‘harass’ him today. Harassed him multiple times in a row, if you needed details. Harassing takes a great deal of effort with that one, but is it ever rewarding…”

“Okay, Calum, I don’t need to know about your private life. Please go away.” I got up and lightly pushed him out of the room, closing the door in his flustered face and sitting behind it to prevent re-entry. “And you can come back tomorrow when you aren’t all smug-looking about being in a relationship.”

Alright, now that my mandatory socializing is out of the way today, now how about those wings?

I slid up the door and stood up, making sure not to hit my head on the coat hanger, and stretched my arms out. I honestly don’t know why I expected wings to just pop out… I mean, if having recurring dreams about flying wasn’t enough to make them appear, envisioning ‘astral limbs’ growing out of my back definitely wouldn’t be helpful at all.


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