ON A SIDE NOTE: yet another letter to the social justice warriors

Sorry the world doesn’t work the way you want it to!
Sorry not everybody bends down to your every command!
But hating someone because they don’t share your labels
Or your exact wording for an opinion
Does not advance the human race,
But sends it two more steps backwards!
I matter, this person here matters, you matter,
And it isn’t an issue of skin color
Or who you’re attracted to!
True, there are people everywhere
Who are oppressed because of those things,
But you only choose to focus on some of them
And completely ignore the rest
As if they never existed!
True, I do not believe in a god
For I see no scientific evidence for there being one,
But people who believe in a god aren’t
The soulless monsters that you paint them as!
There are crappy atheists
Just like there are crappy religious people!
Each race has its crappy people!
People of all walks of life can be monstrous!
When will you realize that?


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