we can’t just sever ties at a moment’s notice

“Alright, Ophelia, we’ve all gathered here to discuss whatever extremely important news you felt like waking me to share, so spill it.” We’d gotten her and Calum into Emma’s hospital room and had Maxine lean against the door to keep Ophelia from opening it again, Calum dragging her in and restraining her until we knew that she wouldn’t be trying to escape for a while.

“Well-” she looked over to Calum from where we’d tied her into the chair, a deep annoyance burning in her eyes that I didn’t understand where it had come from- “this piece of crap over here was mucking around with some messenger from his home dimension or whatever, and now he thinks that there’s some troops coming from the north. He wouldn’t tell me much details, though, and he was going on and on this morning about how we should just take you in the skyskipper and run for our lives.”

“But Emma’s still healing,” Maxine countered from the door. “I mean, she can walk normally and see with the floating ball thing, but she’s still going through physical therapy, and who knows if there’s going to be any complications while we’d be on the run.”

“I’m here, you know.” Emma was sitting cross-legged quietly on her bed, observing the pathetic scene from a few feet away. “You don’t have to talk about me like I’m not here.”

“Anyways…” I looked over to Calum, who was fidgeting nervously in his place on the floor next to Ophelia’s chair. “Do you seriously just expect us to jump up and leave everything and go with you?”

“We could take you back to Earth, May,” Calum offered. “Speaking of that, where did Constance go?”


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