just pretend that there’s a deg deg face here

The past few days have been busy with various emergency procedures and general drama with Emma’s current medical state. Maxine doesn’t like it when I go into details on here, saying that I should respect Emma’s right to privacy as to how much she has been broken by Allaketo, so I’ll respect that… somewhat. There’s some panic going on, since something wonky has happened with Emma’s reproductive system and the doctors are trying to make sure that she doesn’t end up sterile. Meanwhile, in a twist of events that we should have seen coming, they’ve made a tiny little incision behind her ear and made the necessary connections to have this… how do I explain this without sounding like I’ve gone completely crazy? It’s like an implant that lets this floating dark glassy ball- about the size of my fist- see for Emma? I can’t possibly tell how much that must her strain her already-weakened brain to understand, seeing as it has the potential for 360 degrees of vision.
Calum and Constance, almost completely skipping the awkward friendship stage, are apparently now officially dating. I don’t know for sure since they keep dodging the question whenever Maxine brings it up, but I overheard plans for a date, and I could tell from the tones of their voices that they weren’t just joking as a way to shrug off some of the stress that comes with knowing that you’re going to be hanging around the hospital for a while. That’s what Maxine’s pissed-off antics at their new relationship is for.

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