“What am I supposed to say to that?”

“You can’t fall in love with another boy. It isn’t right.”

“Oh, so apparently I get married- and it isn’t even a legally recognized one in this country, to boot- underage and you say nothing, but I happen to have feelings towards someone who happens to have a ding-dong and you get pissy?”

“We’re just worried about you, Constance. That’s all it’s ever been about. You haven’t been yourself recently…”

“Yeah, mom, that would be because I’ve been whisked away to a foreign planet, where every day I’m now forced down by people I don’t know onto one of those big armchairs while my only real friend Calum is made to shift back into his ethereal form so that they can threaten him into being inhaled and exposing all those hidden memories. Remember the memories, Mom? The ones that you did absolutely nothing to keep me from trashing when I was suicidal and reckless?”

“Constance, I had no say in that whatsoever, I wasn’t even aware that any of that was happening since I was so tangled up in legal proceedings with Yasmin’s mother-“

“You could have been more present. You could have protected me from myself.” I looked out the dome window of the skyskipper that Ophelia and Calum had been so gracious in letting me stay in for the night. Ophelia didn’t give a crap whether or not I spent time with Calum, platonic or not. The night was that kind of cloudy that almost signifies that crap’s about to hit the ceiling fan, and if I weren’t stuck in a country in the middle of war, although this sector seemed to be out of the worst of it, I’d be flying in and out of the cloud cover in order to give my stress a desperately-needed outlet. “Stars above, Mom, I feel like someone who’s killed themselves but is somehow still walking around the earth, seeing the consequences of what they’ve done. I don’t even feel like a person most days… just the shell of someone who used to be, and no amount of forced memory retrieval is going to change that. But I’ve gone off-subject. You lost the right to tell me what’s right and not right when you decided to let me and Yasmin break away from the family and do our own things in the name of ‘saving Soona Bris’. What were you thinking? I mean, seriously, who does absolutely nothing when their kid is on death row?”


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