kinda wishing that the reader’s cafe was open

I’m stuck in something called Opportunity Hour right now, where some of the teachers sweep around the hallways and make sure that all the students are in some sort of activity to keep them busy while they brief aboiut half of the teachers on whatever “evil” plan the administrators want them to carry out. “Evil” is in quotes because, not unlike every other high school in existence, the students hate the school and the teachers for no good reason. Reader’s Cafe, which I hung out at last time to escape the patrolling teachers, isn’t open on B days like today, so I’m stuck in Creative Writing, where an older woman who looks like the Generic Wiccan woman that you see in religious memes is trying to inform an unresponsive class of teenagers on how to write a reader’s narrative. She’s waving around old prints of fantasy settings… but my life gives me enough drama to write about that I don’t have to mentally shame myself by grabbing one of them and writing about it. At least the reader’s cafe has toast.
Maxine keeps ranting and raving every time I see her for the one class that she returns to the school for starting this week, and she’s convinced at least herself that the doctors are purposefully keeping Emma unresponsive even though she’s now physically capable of being awake during the normal hours. There are only a few operations to go before she’s in the clear to start focusing solely on physically healing after all. She refuses to talk to any psychologists when they come in her room, so nobody knows for sure how completely Allaketo’s broken her.
Calum, one of the people who hang around Emma’s room after hours for some reason, and Constance aren’t helping matters at all. I keep hearing stories convoluted with the usual teenage slang in the hallways about how Constance is somehow skipping class without anybody marking him absent, and there’s no way that he could have possibly found a lookalike to take his classes for him. But they always look so happy when they come back, and Constance tells me stories of what they did that day. To be honest, I don’t care whether or not the two are dating, but what are we supposed to do when something horribly bad happens with Emma and they’re too far away to respond in time?


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