a longing for home

they wake up to bleached skies
one feeling as light as air and the other as heavy as his heart
for he is longing for a place he cannot return to
and only with death can he see his family again

“Isn’t Gehenna another word for hell?”

and he launches into a lengthy explanation
of how Gehenna-Altaris is what is interpreted by humans
as both heaven and hell
but not all Mithrae, demons, are bad
and not all Mithral, angels, are good
and life is just as morally grey
as it would be if everybody was a human
As above, so below.

be knows that he will have to explain all of this again at a later date
for Maxine and the others
but for now, Ophelia understands
and in this lonely moment in the skyskipper dome
that is enough


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