home is not necessarily where the heart is


I am powerless…
We were hanging around inside of the skyskipper that we’d moved from the hospital’s helicopter pad to their front parking lot, taking up a lot of their space that they’d tried to get us to move away from until we convinced them that the skyskipper wouldn’t fit in the adjacent parking building. The staff wouldn’t let us stay inside the main building for the night since we had no relation to Emma, even though we were the ones who brought her in, but hey… technically, we weren’t even supposed to exist, and Maxine was Emma’s girlfriend after all, so I suppose they had a valid reason to keep us out and Maxine in.
“So, Calum…” I was trying to get a decent sleeping area put together at the opposite end of the hall from the pilot room, the piles of blankets and pillows strewn about reminding me too much of the castle to give me any fair chance of a good night’s sleep. “Remember that one day where I asked you what it was like back at… what was it called again?”
He spun his chair around, pulling himself away from whatever he’d been doing on the main computer. “Gehenna-Altaris?”
“Yeah, that place. Remember when I asked you what it had been like there, and you refused to answer?”
He sighed, clearly exasperated and giving in to my pleading eyes. “What do you want to know, specifically? It’s all too complex to make sweeping generalizations about it.”
“What was your family like?”
This question shocked him clear out of the blue, too speechless to even comprehend what was asked. “What- what did you say?”
“I said, what was your family like?”
He paused to compose himself, brushing a hand through his hair and looking down at the floor. “Well, my mother wasn’t exactly the caring type, I guess. She always focused on her work as an escape from her own thoughts, but she never neglected us at all, just spent the bare minimum of care on all of us so that we didn’t go completely wayward. My father was slightly overbearing and worked from home with flexible hours, so he always had time for us, no matter if it was harassing us with something hard that he could have done himself or something fun that I dreaded at the time but ended up loving at the end.” He took a deep breath, trying to ease his anxiety. “I had two sisters, and they were really detatched from everybody, staying away from social contact for as long as possible. I don’t know whether it was due to some social anxiety disorder or a weird form of autism or whatever, but they didn’t really talk that much or as fast as the usual person, but when they wrote…” He had calmed down by this time, and his gaze was drifting off into the distance, his eyes fixed on memories of days past. “It was like Shakespeare and Poe themselves had reincarnated twice in both of them. Scary, their works were, always outlining the future perfectly, darkly, and poetically to a T.” He unexpectedly shook his head then, cutting himself off there. “But that’s enough for one night. Hey, why’d you stop setting up the sleeping area? I thought we were going to have decent beds by midnight.”


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