here, have an update, I spent all of five minutes writing it

May and Constance are in school, choosing to continue their education during the day so that they aren’t hanging around the hospital unnecessarily. The doctors want the space around Emma’s room to be as quiet as possible so that she can have the peace to rest and heal as quick as possible, even though she’s in a medically-induced coma and it’s not like she’s going to be woken up by some background noise and complain about it. And I’m still here at this hospital, doing odd jobs that the doctor wants me to in order to make even the smallest dent in the inevitable hospital bill. Even though she’s the rightful queen of Zorphia, they aren’t going to just let her go for free. My, um, experience in the medical field helps more than the painful memories hinder.
The two people who freed Emma, Ophelia and Calum, had a talk with me last night, and it turns out that they’re part of some experiment that Allaketo’s doing, taking the consciousnesses of various animals and objects and inserting them into human bodies in order to make an army. But where is he getting the bodies? Were they lab-grown? Were the people in them already dead? Or… or… did he torture them until he was able to wipe them out of their own rightful bodies and then insert unwilling ‘souls’ in? I asked them why he was doing this instead of just recruiting willing soldiers to grow his regular army, and it turns out that each of the consciousnesses had powers that normal humans don’t have- and they can shift, temporarily taking on some of their original attributes. But some of them have gotten parts of these without shifting, which Ophelia said explains why Calum’s already got slightly longer canines in a human imitation of fangs and reddish irises.


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