a glimpse of the future

“That Emma leaving you thing, it’s mostly a politically-fueled move. Things on Zorphia are getting worse, and Emma has to choose who she’s going to take with her into the new era, and there are limited seats for those she trusts. It’s not all her choice. There are higher-ups controlling everything. Be awake, aware, and careful who you trust.”
“I see. Using Zorphia as an excuse.”
“Open your eyes, young one. Zorphia is real; I’m on it right now. The multiverse theory is real, and we have found a way to bridge the gap in between worlds.” She takes a breath. “She sleeps during the day, and worries at night if she made the right decision or not. And her love sleeps beside her, reminding her with gentle touches that she has found her true allegiances… but everything is not as it seems on the surface. And the country around her is in turmoil, a hurricane in her heart and a standstill in her mind all over the one with too many faces.” Another pause ensues. “Ready for more?”
“Yeah.” The other girl’s attitude has changed.
Alright. Too many things are coming full circle these days, although in a backwards fashion. The left becomes the leaver. Post-break, the broken becomes the strong. An identity crisis becomes a celebration of change, and the same cold weather ensues over and over, just like the struggles of the two who almost seem doomed to always be locked in a cycle of breaking and pulling back together again.” The other girl passes her the money agreed on when the interworld link was opened. “My name is Lucia. You’d do well to remember it whenever you need foolproof information about the future.”


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