phone call

It had been a while since Constance and me had heard anything from Maxine, who had ditched us and hadn’t completed her mission due to the two servants or whatever they were doing her job for her, so it was a surprise when the stupid flip phone that I’d managed to scrape together the money for rang and her number showed up on the tiny front screen.
“Should I answer this without you here?” I yelled to Constance, who was taking a shower in the tiny bathroom of the hotel room that we’d been given for free since we were students here now. “It’s Maxine.”
“Yeah, sure. She’s probably just calling to apologize for ditching for us or whatever. Actually, no, scratch that- I don’t think Maxine would apologize for something like that.”
I opened the phone, only to hear a strained breath on the other end and no words spoken between us for a whole five minutes. “May? You there?” I could hear Maxine on the brink of crying. What had happened? And more importantly, why hadn’t we heard about it earlier?
“You’re in Wyben, right? I need you to go to the hospital on the other side of town. We’ve found Emma-” I could hear a voice, most likely male, shouting indistinctly in the background- “and she’s been in operation nonstop for the past few days, since they’re trying to bring her back from whatever minimally conscious state she’s locked herself into in order to keep herself alive under Allaketo. We need you and Constance here, May, and I’m sorry, but you’re probably going to miss school tomorrow and probably the next day too.”
“Maxine, I… I can’t just root myself up and leave to follow you.”
“Yeah, that’s what you said when we were about to leave for this gol-durned planet, and yet you came anyway. Why, I don’t know, but you did, and you can do it again. Sorry if it seems like I’m being pushy, it’s just…” There was another pause on the line. “The two people who busted Emma out? They have Constance’s memories also, and I know that he won’t come here unless you are too.”

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