“Alright, I’ve got the hospital in my sights,” Calum yelled at me, who was outside Maxine’s door, my elbow wedged in between me and the door to keep Maxine from getting out. “You got Maxine locked up?”
A scream issued from the other side of the door, nails audibly scratching. “Yeah, at least as well as I can. Maxine broke the lock earlier.”
“Well, hold on as well as you can, because it’s going to get-” and then the whole skyskipper lurched and then slammed into the ground, the landing gear straining to stay attached to the ship even after the impact. There wasn’t a window or port near me to see where we’d landed, but judging from all the yelling and shouts from outside and complaining from Calum rushing to open the loading dock for the hospital personnel, I assumed that we were at the hospital. Maxine’s protests as to her confinement grew louder, and I had to brace my full body weight against the door to keep her in.


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