late-night talks in the garden


All I know is I used to be among those stars, not really having a human perception of a consciousness, but not completely asleep either… it was more of a passive existence, encompassing an entire galaxy, and then I felt myself being condensed… it wasn’t a black hole, as I initially assumed it was, but that yellow-furred bastard who shoved me inside a body and told me that there were three people I needed to kill before anything else. What was his name?… Ah, yes, Allaketo, the king of Zorphia. Am I supposed to follow his orders? Or am I supposed to free myself from this body and reclaim my place among the stars?
“Yo, galaxy girl, you okay? Or is your head in the clouds? Hah- get it, you head is in the clouds, because that’s close to the stars-”
“Shut up.” The boy standing next to me in the end doorway of a long hallway, passing as an ethnicity I couldn’t quite pinpoint, claimed to have the complete opposite experience as me in terms of where he’d come from- a place I didn’t think existed, which was constantly on fire and full of other evil creatures like him. I can’t say the name of the place, understandably, seeing as he’d probably get pissed off and correct me with some uber-long version in a language I couldn’t pronounce with this new body. “Feeling down, demon boy? Get it- feeling down, because that’s where you came from-”
“Yes, I know what I said.” He paused thoughtfully, his dirty-red eyes scanning the walled-in garden we’d been approaching before he’d made the stupid joke about me originally being a galaxy. “Why would they make an alcove right in the middle of a castle? And then make a fake meadow with little potted plants in neat rows? Don’t Zorphians have better use for these things?”
“Your guess is as good as mine…”
“No, my guess would be better, seeing as I’ve always been a sentient being, while you’ve been a collection of astral… objects-”
I leaned against the wall. “Your guess is good, but your vocabulary sucks.”
He whipped his head around to glare at me, his dark hair falling in his eyes enough for him to bother pushing it away. “Anyway, as I was saying, this king’s got to be a complete nutcase, seeing as he doesn’t know how to utilize his space wisely. I wonder how many other stupid things he’s done…” He stepped into the garden. “Do you ever wonder what goes on with all that moaning and groaning in the door below us?”


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