…you can’t just take off on us like that, Maxine

“I’m going after Emma by myself. Take care of yourselves. I’ve left a map to where the spacepod’s been taken for repairs. Good luck.” Maxine had packed a bag, ready to just jump off and leave us alone with barely any instructions for what to do next after finding the spacepod. “Lord knows you’ll need it.”
“Wait, Maxine-” I avoided raising my voice, conscious of the people sleeping in the hotel rooms all around us. “What’s the meaning of this? Why are you suddenly taking off?”
She stopped in the doorway, a stern expression on her face, looking back at us while halfway out the door already. “Bringing you all along was a mistake. I should have left you back at Earth, where you could carry on with a normal schedule and not have to go along with all my half-baked plans. I’m going to send you home and get Emma without risking you two.” She paused, thoughtfully glancing at Constance. “Oh, and Constance, bring Yasmin home with you. I bet Soona Bris can work their bodymaking magic again.”
“No buts. You two weakish kids have been through enough already.” And then she slipped through the door, and then she was gone.


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