they are rising

She lays on the alleyway ground, her wings filthy and tattered and her clothes in the same condition. She has the vague feeling that she’s been forced out of somewhere, somewhere where she had high responsibility and spent her days serving someone with much more power than her. But if she can’t remember ever doing something wrong, then why is she here now? Why is she struggling to find somewhere out of the rain?

He feels nothing inside him, walking down the sidewalk at midnight, his favorite hour. And since there is nothing inside him, he has no qualms against taking a random passerby and forcing her to look him in the face, her face contorting from anger at his unwanted advances to pure terror as she sees his eyes blacken fully and his mouth open wide to reveal a void, pulling her apart at the atomic level and sucking everything she ever was inside him.

People call them- “them” because they do not care about their supposed gender- crazy for “dressing up” as some sort of freakish fox-human hybrid with fuzzy ears and a tail, but any attempts to get them to “normalize” just end up in the provoker calling the police because they’ve gone completely feral on the person. The police never catches them, however, just met with a lot of stories of how they went on all fours and dashed out of the incident scene faster than a human should have been able to.


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