pretend this is a diary entry, okay

I got my bus information for school today. I don’t know how the mail system would have gotten it to me a million miles away from this school, but I’m not really sure of anything anymore… well, except for the fact that school starts a week from tomorrow and, without Emma to operate one of the delusion generators on the broken space pod thingy that’s still in the shops, I’m stuck here, and that can’t possibly be good for my already-flailing GPA.
Maxine’s continued with her remarks about how apparently Constance has a crush on me, although I think he would have said something if he actually did. I mean, yes, things almost got serious on Thursday on Girl Scout Camp, but that was a product of high hormones and… yep, just high hormones. Nothing else to blame here.
We got an email yesterday from that snitch that was placed in Allaketo’s castle, and attached to it was a dark, grainy, low-resolution picture of what looked like to be a heavily-damaged and barely clothed body, bright scars and bruises everywhere and blindfolded to hide what looked like massive scarring around the eye area. Maxine, of course, ran out of the room, and we were all confused until we realized that it was Emma… Emma was being tortured by Allaketo, and we currently had no way of stopping it.


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