awakening’s eve

It’s safe to go outside.

That’s what had passed through my mind a few hours ago, getting into the offroading truck that would take us all the way to the server, where we’d retrieve whatever Constance’s old girlfriend, Yasmin, consisted of anymore. The people driving, a middle-aged woman with long brown hair and a red coat reaching down to her feet and a man of equal age with nondescript clothes, didn’t talk to us at all for the first half of the trip, only choosing to make any verbal contact once we’d crossed the border into whatever country we were going into now. (I’ve lost track, can’t you tell?)

“So, May Vane, school for you and Constance starts on September 8?”
“Yeah, I think so, anyway…” I glanced at Constance, who was staring out his window, completely oblivious to anything except for the empty landscape. “I don’t know; I’ve been here too long. I’ve pretty much forgotten dates that were supposed to happen for the little bit of summer vacation that we have back on Earth, being preoccupied with the war and all.”

“Understandable.” Her eyes gave away nothing, hidden by sunglasses and as fixated on the road as Constance’s were to outside. “Your parents aren’t worried about your disappearance, by the way. Same goes for the boy in the back. Just a bit of squirt squirt in their faces and they were too fogged up to remember they even had a spawn worth caring about anymore.”

Spawn? “So how are we going to do any of this…?”
“Well, seeing as it’s employees of one of Soona Bris’s research divisions gone rogue who are maintaining the server-” Nobody told me about this… “I’m going to sweet-talk them, and past that… I haven’t really made a plan.”


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