it has been confirmed
her love is coming for her
along with some people
some old, some new
and she wonders
whatever happened to her group of friends?
have they disbanded
or have they stayed together
even though almost half of them were severely injured
or killed

and while she waits
a small hole in the firewall opens
and she is not big enough to fit through it
but she can pull stuff in
and she learns of the fate of her love
and all the details of his transition from harpy to hybrid
and she sees how he looks now
the same general shape of his features
but sharper, clearer
and there is a different light behind his eyes

“What- there’s a virus on this terminal? I should get rid of it. That’ll appease the boss.”
and she feels an unknown presence behind her
so she slips frantically through the wires
finally locking and encrypting herself in a dark, barely-used corner
and as she feels the sedated heaviness of the encryption pulling her to a place
where thought does not exist
she feels a hole where the boy now named Constance should be
but she knows she will be safe until they find her


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