currently hiding in a bathroom

I’d grown up with some pretty scary crap back in Soona Bris, being raised in foster care with a crazy lady who believed that she was doing some higher power’s work by keeping me shut up in the house and depriving me of chances to fly, acting like I was a demon just because the whacked-out geneticists had somehow produced a human-avian hybrid and made it her responsibility to take care of. But even my upbringing didn’t compare to the horror-movie-ness of the monsters that “King” Allaketo, the yellow glow-in-the-dark (you can tell what power a zorph has by its color) zorph that had taken over Zorphia, had somehow… gotten ahold of. Honestly, I didn’t know how he could have procured these monstrosities in front of me- sort of like bloated black winged ants with eyes as big as soccer balls and two-meter-long fleshy jaws that flopped from side to side instead of up and down.
“Maxine! Over here!” Emma yelled, and I rolled to the side to avoid gunfire from a small troop of purple zorphs, landing next to my love, who was hiding in the bathroom like nobody’s business. She had possession of a tranquilizing gun, preferring to knock the enemy out and later dump them in the uninhabited woods of northern Zorphia than kill anybody. “Do you want a go with the beauty? Or should I go back out?”
“I was just out there for a while,” I gasped back, sliding down onto the floor in an attempt to regain my breath. “You go. I’ll hold ground.”
“Might want to hide in a stall instead of out on the ground,” she suggested, and I did so as she opened the door and ran out of the bathroom into the hallway, noticing that the walls were excessively chipped as she started shooting indiscriminately and the door closed behind her.


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