ON A SIDE NOTE: planned hiatus… again, a trip to the library, and a small rant

Hello, fellow crapples, it’s your awesomely awesome admin Emma, here to announce another hiatus that’ll be taking place until Monday, unless I can somehow get reliable WiFi where I’m going that isn’t taken up by 3 katrillion Xboxes and phones and tablets that aren’t being used but can’t be disconnected under death threats from their owners. Dad, of course, has used up all the data in out shared plan again… I mean, we have WiFi at home, Grandma’s house, and pretty much any public place, but noooo, we must unnecessarily use up all the data…


I went to the library today, getting a crapload (in actuality, it was only… let’s see… 8 books, counting the two audiobooks that I haven’t ripped yet) of books, some of which I’ll be reading the next few days as I relax before I have to plan for the revolution with everybody else. And let me tell you, revolution planning is hard work… how is one supposed to overthrow a malicious dictator that’s taken over the country that you civilized without hurting anyone in the process? Not to mention that this dictator has manipulated the beliefs of the public and turned the country into a crapstorm of hatred not unlike what can be found in the deepest recesses of the American South today. I mean, yes, I suppose loving Maxine and wanting to share a throne with her and someday get married to her would be a problem in a traditionally patriarchal government, but how in the world does my sexuality impact my ability to govern?


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