bunk beds

They’ve put us up in bunk beds in their makeshift metal shelter, assigning me and Maxine to a bunk and Constance and Emma to one on the other side of the shelter. I think it might have once been a warehouse or a personal aircraft storage area… but it’s abandoned by its owner now, and the rebels say that they’ve been using this shelter since the Earthen school year ended without problems.
The shelter is only for bunk beds, though, meetings and daily activities taking place in a large building that has actual concrete and bomb/nuclear fallout shelters just in case bad goes to worse… I mean, Zorphians have always been the masters of war on this planet according to the Lilydawnians here, winning every major battle against huge purple monsters they call Vipers and weird… bee-grasshopper mutants? I don’t even know anymore… I’d rather focus on sleep and trying to memorize all these different types of aliens we’re going to be pretty much stuck fighting for the next few months or until Emma and Maxine finally get their “rightful” thrones back. Maybe I’ll make a page here as a guide… lord knows I’ll need it.

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