a million miles away

she is sleeping in a bed
a million miles away from home
wrapped in the arms of the one
who she is not sure about
does she love him
or is it merely a juvenile crush
brought on by his dark demeanor

it took a long time for Emma to find someone
who could take our wreckage to a safe spot
for the streets of Zorphia aren’t safe anymore
for any of us
for Emma is no longer queen
pushed out by someone
who does not believe
that Emma can be in love with Maxine
and the whole country has gone wayward
ruled by hate instead of love
like everyone says Emma has learned to
in the past few months
“Love wins,” her friends here say

“We will avoid any and all casualties in taking back this country.”
for according to them
life is a right that everybody has
and no person has the right to take another person’s life away

I learned all this on the truck ride to the safe spot
stuck in the back seats with Constance and the duo
and it turns out that not all aliens have technology
that is better than what humans have
and as the truck raced on
dragging a trailer with the wreckage
through the Sahara-like sands of Karpatia
(that’s one of the alien countries on this planet)
on our way to Lilydaw
(that’s another country)
not a long distance at all
we were informed by the driver
that we had no guarantee
that we would be safe here
for people are most dangerous
when they believe
that they are doing God’s work


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