and out of the hole

She is splayed out on a bed of coals, unable to move at all to save herself from the searing heat of below. The flames are hottest in her guts and her left hip, almost feeling like they’re melting holes in her, flesh dripping down in a vain attempt to extinguish the blaze below…

“May? May, are you awake?” Constance’s ice-cold hands were on me, rolling me back and forth to try to drag some consciousness into being… which meant that either Maxine and Emma somehow had a gravity control on their spaceship and never bothered to activate it, or we were somewhere with a gravitational pull and we were pretty much screwed. “It’s been almost a full day since we went through the loop.” My eyes fluttered open, feeling the blankets below me and seeing the dented but intact roof of the pod above me. The door had been opened, revealing a soft sunset in the middle of its spectacular show. “And boy, were all of us hit hard by the warp…”


Emma and Maxine were outside the pod, breathing in the Zorphian air that wasn’t slightly stale and smelling like stink like the air in the pod had after the first few hours. Watching my chest rise and fall with every breath, thankful to be alive, I noticed that the air was just a tiny bit thicker than Earth’s. “Constance?”
“Yeah?” He had gotten distracted by the sunset in my absence, preferring to treat his eyes to the slowly dying colors than to be creepily staring at me.
“Something’s broken, I think…” I attempted to sit up, merely wincing (as I would normally be internally freaking out) at the sharp stab of pain in my hip right above my left leg. “Right…” And I avoided making it look like I was grabbing my own butt as I laid my hand on my outer thigh. “Right here.”


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