but where is the wifi coming from?


BREAKING NEWS: we’re still in space… but Emma and Maxine have found a warp hole or whatever they called it, and we’ll finally be at Zorphia by this time tomorrow. Hopefully we survive… I mean, I have school again in a month.

“What in the world are you two doing?” I groaned, pulling my head out of the pile of blankets that we’d managed to somewhat secure onto the wall with an assortment of straps and makeshift ties made from the wrappers of the meager food supply that Emma and Maxine had bothered to bring aboard the tiny ship. “I mean, seriously, is there any way you could turn that down?”
“But this is the lowest it can go,” Emma protested, tearing her gaze away from the screen long enough to glare at me. “And besides, it looks like your… friend Constance is sleeping just fine with the sound on.” And he was lightly snoring, curled up at my side with most of the blankets wrapped around him.
“Well, I’m not Constance, and who knows what he’s gone through to develop that kind of skill… anyway, how in the world are you watching that? There’s no wifi here, and you can’t possibly have the space on your tablet to store that and your Playstation emulator and who knows how many pictures of whatever you like nowadays on there.”
They both paused for a moment, thinking for a few minutes on how to answer this obviously pressing question, when at last, Maxine answered, “it’s a deus ex machina. Don’t try to understand it.”


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