the squad’s all here

"I'm pretty sure I don't make that face ALL the time."

In what must be only one little splotch in Emma’s and Maxine’s streak of bad ideas, they proposed the idea to us of going up to Zorphia tomorrow so that they didn’t have to worry about their families possibly getting hurt by the rogue zorphs going around on raids and scouting missions and the like. And, of course, they insisted that we come with them, because apparently I’m not allowed to be more than a few miles away from them. First that one trip Up North, then Girl Scout Camp, then this… I mean, what part am I supposed to play in the civil war, if it ends up escalating that far? Useless girl sitting on the sidelines?
Constance, of course, didn’t hesitate as much as previously thought, it being that he was probably still feeling kind of guilty over the unmentionable events of last Thursday.


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