he’s back home
tossing and turning in the sheets
because they were so close to completely wrecking everything on Thursday
and she’s at her grandma’s house
unable to sleep because of the churning
in her stomach
and the vision of the blood
almost spattered on the grass
but spared by a stupid mistake
the lesser of two evils

it’s been two nights since the incident
but it is still fresh in their minds
of how she draped her arms around his neck
in the fading light of the summer sky
while Emma was working her storytelling magic
and keeping everyone busy
and how they hadn’t known each other very long
but it was like they’d been together for years
as she kissed him softly at first
soft words of doubt fading into the air

“How can you love a person you’ve never met? How do you know she’s even real?”
“Because I trust Emma and Maxine not to lie to me.”
“What if they’re wrong and they don’t know it? What if she is real, but she’s given up on you?”

and they admit that they may have had a few sparks for each other to start with
mostly on May’s part
for nobody can really resist someone like Constance

but now, late at night
what are they supposed to do
for Constance is haunted by her touch
and May is haunted by the one she never thought would come back
for just when she’s got her life somewhere in order
someone comes along and screws it all up again


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