She can remember drifting under the sea, wrapped in the arms of the one she loves so that they don’t drift away and be lost forever from each other. They wake up a few times each hour, their modified lungs taking over and keeping them from drowning. Her hair is drifting about in the sea waters, occasionally slipping across his face and bringing him to the shores of consciousness.

“Dang it, Rishen…” She is pounding on the walls of the firewall, the only way of escape from the server she is still trapped in. For one moment earlier that day, she had considered the USB drives used for her captors’ work as a possible form of escape, but what if they were never plugged in again? Or what if a virus was on her destination and she was deleted? True, she could just copy herself to everywhere she could… but the last time she had toyed with multiple consciousnesses, she’d gotten herself into this mess. “I… I just want to at least see you one last time…” And she knows that computers cannot cry, but if they could, she’d probably short-circut the whole server.

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