temporary hiatus

So it turns out that my family is going Up North until Monday for the Fourth of July… with the rest of the family… and Dad and Mom seem to have used up the rest of the data plan… which means that I’ll be going on a hiatus until I get back and/or find some wifi, which is probably going to be there at least some of the time because one of my uncles has a portable hotspot (and if he brings it, I will try to get at least one post in) and one of my cousins absolutely has to drag his Xbox up every time he comes. The challenge will be, since it can only give connectivity to five devices at the same time, to get a share of the bandwidth before my brothers hog it up. (They don’t know how/are too lazy to turn off the WiFi on their little tablets when they’re done using them, which subsequently causes them to be constantly running out of battery and taking up connection slots that the rest of us could be using.)
To make matters worse, Constance is coming up with us, just without his parents this time as they don’t want to be around tons of people they don’t know and don’t want to seem like the overprotective kind, seeing as if they were going up with us, they’d be constantly obsessing over his health. He told me so when he came over to drop off his bags so that he wouldn’t forget them in the morning. Hopefully, I won’t forget my camera, so I’ll be able to continue the July photo collection…


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