not dead, just renewed

He lies in the surgery tank, suspended in the void between life and death as the people he once thought of as his enemies strip him of the one major thing that defined him in the past three years. They notice his piercings, his hair in desperate need of a good trim, and they leave it all alone, seeing as it’ll make a good disguise from those looking for him but not knowing of his doings of the past few months. He’s been gone for a while… his dad is dead, and his mom is notoriously absent in his life, leaving him alone to roam with the girl he is considered married to on another planet.
He is oblivious to the fact that the only place where his marriage is considered valid is on the brink of a civil war, enraged that their queen, who was a major homophobe a few years ago, has completely turned around on everything from religion to her own sexuality and would rather there be two queens (her love ruling beside her) than the symbolic ‘royal family’ that has no connections to her.
He is oblivious to the fact that wiping his memory, his hasteful alternative to the pain in his heart caused by his love being irrevocably dead, will instead cause more problems than it solves. In fact, it solves none except for making the short-term pain less.
The surgeons lift him out of the tank a few hours later, disconnecting most of the tubes that kept him alive while they were severing several vital connections that his body had made through the years. He’d been a harpy, after all. They wheel him to a recovery room, getting him settled so that his body can focus more on healing the numerous scars on his arms and regrowing skin all over his arms and the sides of his chest than on making sure that he’s at least alive. After they’re done, they leave the room, ready to return tomorrow to check up on him… all except for one, who remembers the legacy he and his lover left on Soona Bris. “I’m sorry, Rishen,” she whispers, brushing the hair out of his unseeing eyes. “Maybe perhaps Constance will be able to find some peace.”


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