y’all are on drugs, I swear

“Why, hello, May,” Maxine greeted me, having been made to come to their house so that they could stop being vague and just tell me what was on their minds. “I see that you’ve finally come over. What took you so long?”
“I was, um… making swaps for Girl Scout Camp. I assume that you’ve made yours already, seeing as your house isn’t a complete mess with crafting supplies all over the place.”
“Why, yes… Emma’s a good little worker if you can get her to get off her lazy a- I mean butt- and put the books down, huh, Emma?” She shouted this last part up the stairs behind her, elicting a crash from what I thought was the kitchen and yells of “You’re a fudgebucket, Maxine!”
“Is she okay, Maxine?” I tried to look around her into the kitchen, but she moved to block my view.
“It’s best if you don’t stare at what Emma’s doing, or she’ll shut down, Now, let’s go downstairs and have a seat, and hopefully Emma’ll join us later, won’t you?” She pulled my hand, leading me down the winding stairs and into a small downstairs living room with soft carpet and lots of couches and pillows, everything immaculately clean.
“Did Emma do all this cleaning?”
“Well, yeah, it’s her payback for all the times she slaps me or calls me names. Emma always says that it’s a joke or whatever, and I can tell she doesn’t mean a word of it…” She drifted off, finally picking somewhere to sit, pointing to it and waiting until I had parked myself. “Emma, get your lazy as- I mean butt- down here!”
“But you told me to clean!” a yell came from the floor above. “Make up your mind, you piece of- oh, wait, May’s here, I’m not allowed to swear. Sorry.”
“Just get down here.” I could see her fists clenching and unclenching. What happens in this house that they keep yelling at each other constantly?

“So, May Vane… Or is it just May? Or is it May Day?”
“It’s just May, Emma.”
“Okay then, I’ll remember that for next time.” She softly tucked Maxine’s long flowing black hair behind her ear, not wanting any loose strands to be touching her. “So, back to business… We called you here for a reason, not to demonstrate the stupidity that can occur when we don’t get enough sleep.”
“And that reason is…?”
“Well…” Emma sighed.
“Okay, I’ll get right to it,” Maxine cut in, picking up where Emma had left off. “You, May Vane, are an experiment.”
The room was awkwardly quiet for a while, or at least until I found myself laughing at all the absurdity going on. “You’re kidding me, right?” I managed to get in between gasps.
Emma’s eyes narrowed. “Why would we take the time to get you over here, invading our personal space, and then tell you lies?” I shrugged. “Yeah, I thought so. You see…”
“Well…” Maxine paused, choosing her words carefully. “The point is, you’re the result of Emma screwing around with time loops, and Constance got pretty screwed up from this, and we’re going somewhere to try to fix this, and we need you two.”
“You- you’re joking.” I got up, heading to the door, Emma and Maxine making no motion to force me to stay and listen to the probably-bullcrap explanation. “Call back and we can talk when you stop talking crap.”


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