a post that should have a title but doesn’t

Emma and Maxine have been kinda quiet recently, refusing to answer any questions that I pop up after they repeatedly tell me that they’re going to have to talk to me tomorrow. They always mention something about Constance, too, and that makes their silence even more aggravating.

Dad’s planning yet another trip Up North for over the 4th of July, and I really don’t want to go since the past few times I’ve either gotten sick or almost snapped, but no… May Day must be dragged everywhere the family is going. May day must not be left alone in her room for too long. May Day must be watched constantly so that she doesn’t cause trouble- oops, you didn’t hear me say that.

I wish I could post more and fill up some of the holes in my narrative, but the whole No Technology day hours unfortunately eat up most of the prime writing hours, and I’m usually reading instead of writing when that happens so that I can get my stuff back earlier.


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