up north

“Hi, um…” May Vane’s at my door, but I don’t know why there’s adults behind her. Maybe they’re her parents? They don’t have a close resemblance to her. “Constance, was it?”
“That does seem to be my name,” I whispered, concentrating on not coming across as an invalid to these strange people. “Why- why are you here?” Dang it, I’ve stuttered.
“Well, um…”
She looked to her father, who continued for her. “We know we don’t know your family very well, so we were wondering if you and your family would like to go on a joint vacation with us, sort of as a ” get to know you’ gesture…”
“I’ll have to ask my mom.” If she is my mom, anyway. “That’s a very nice gesture of you to be making…”


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