I have no idea what in the world I’m doing

Hello, everybody, this is May Vane reporting to you live from whatever computer lab this is in Spanish class. We’re supposed to be reviewing for the Spanish final right now, but I pretty much know everything that’s going to be on it, so this is a waste of my time.

This computer lab is quite crowded, and mostly everybody is either distracted with some computer games or secretly playing on their phones. Little people are actually reviewing the material as the previous Spanish teacher actually did a good job of teaching us as much as she could before she had her baby and had to go on maternity leave.

You remember the boy from earlier? The adopted one that was going to be moving in with the new family during the summer? Well, they’re ahead of schedule, and they’re here already, almost done with all the paperwork and whatever else is required to be able to even set their feet inside their new residence. Since we don’t know his name yet, we can’t exactly talk about him that much without constantly referring to him as “that boy”, which gets redundant and annoying really quickly.

Please forgive my bland nature this morning; I’m hungry and sleep-deprived even though I accidentally overslept this morning…


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