do I have a bingo yet? no? okay

We had a fanatic preaching in church yesterday, and I almost wanted to make and bring one of those Bible bingo cards just to see if I could’ve gotten a bingo or not. You’re going to hell if you don’t do this, this, and this? Check. We all need to submit to an invisible person’s will? Check. Your current lifestyle is wrong and sinful? Check. America is going downhill because less and less people are religious? Check. Do we have a bingo yet? Nope, not yet, unless you come and bow down before the preacher’s stand and start praying in front of the whole church. I wasn’t sure what to do, as usual, because I’m still trying to figure out where exactly I am on the believer-atheist spectrum. (It’s a very confusing ride, you see, one fraught with constant hypocrisy and confusing cross-examinations.)
It wouldn’t be the first time church hasn’t made sense to me, though. I used to write a lot of entries describing everything that happened in a single sermon, but that diary got locked up due to some complaints from family members.

On a different note, have you ever noticed how, when you’re completely focused on something and listening to music, you won’t realize what song you’re listening to until it’s at the end? The unconscious swallows a lot of things…


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