you had me over my head.

do you remember
when we’d take those songs
those songs so beaten down, so worn
and we’d make them ours
as we declared our love in the middle of the night
two lonely stars who thought that they could combine

these songs now
they remind me of you
but the little things I loved about your face, about your body, about you
they were gone
and all that was left
was the empty abusing shell of you

sometimes I wonder where you are
and if you’re happy
and if you still think about me
and how I would have done everything for you
but you couldn’t stay faithful for me


One thought on “you had me over my head.

  1. Sounds like a lesson learned. I’ve been around this type of merry-go-round before. The hardest part is not to keep going back or finding another one like it. Either way a brass ring is always a brass ring.

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