what could possibly be a good title to an intro? hmmm…

Ah, yes, the hormone-fueled midnight angstings of the teenager girl. This social experiment should be interesting. Nothing like a bucketful of complaints and old songs from my childhood to start off yet another thing that will probably end up getting me in trouble with the parental units.
Hello, everyone! (Or is that too cliché of an entrance?) Or, as it is said in other places, “hola”, “kon’nichiwa” (man, I hope I spelled that right) or “shut the bleep up and get over here so I can [censored for the sake of everything good and right]”. My name (names are such a funny concept… I mean, you don’t see animals or plants giving each other wordy names, do you? it’s always humans being weird) is May Vane, or May Day, or however you want to rearrange the bundle of sounds people seem to like to identify me with. Or, you know, you can call me May Vane Day. That works too.
I suppose having two first names comes in handy when you’re a genderfluid, because at any given moment, your mind could just randomly decide to be a gender other than the one you were born with, and suddenly being busty goes from being a condition that other girls manage to be jealous of to a major annoyance that, if it persists for too long, can cause you want to almost drag yourself into a surgical office and beg the people there to at least take most of the bulk out of the fat sacks on your chest.
Yeah, I never said being in my mind was pretty.


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